Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Grim Batol

Often I have wandered away from the beaten paths in Azertoth and found areas that seemed abandoned by other travelers. As a new player to Wow, I simply thought I had yet to discover their importance and would unravel their mysteries eventually. As time passed I forgot many of them, much like the french fry you drop between the seats of your car. You tell yourself you will get it when you get home, but after buying the gallon of milk and remembering you have to Tivo a show for your girlfriend, you go on with your life and forget about it until months later when you drop your wallet and glancing over you see a shriveled yellow finger pointing at you accusingly as if asking, "Why did you forget about me?" So in answer to all those accusing fingers I have rediscovered over time, I decided to write this blog in hopes of giving those abandoned, adventureless areas a little attention, and maybe breathe a little life back into those lonely areas that held such wonder this new wanderer so long ago.
The first visit in this blog will be to the grand city that never was, Grim Batol. As a young mage, I was killing gnolls in the Wetlands when I saw something that struck awe into my heart. It was the first dragonkin I ever saw. Now, even though I was young I was not stupid, and any creature that had a skull in it's portrait meant I was to stay away. Behind it, standing magestic, was a fortress built into a mountain. I tried to run around a bit, avoiding the dragonkin as I tried to find a path to make my way up, but it was to no avail. I vowed to come back to it and to unlock it's secrets as I went back to kill gnolls. Fast forward a few months and I was level 60, having raided Molten Core, Black Wing Lair, and eagerly awaiting to crush the instance Naxxaramas, which was scheduled to open up any time. I was flying on a gryphon when I looked down and suddenly saw Grim Batol, the vow I had made months before, popping into my head with as much vigor as a fat man with a chocolate bar who finally unscrewed the peanut butter jar. I ran to it, and zigzagged past the elite dragonkin and passed the final gate and ran up to the gates of Grim Batol and then.......Nothing. The door was closed and no matter how many times I pounded on it, yelled "Open Sesame!" and even curling into a fetal position and crying, it would not open. Blizzard has yet to announce anything on this area, and many speculated that it would be open when the Burning Crusade was released, and some even ventured to guess that when Wrath of the Lich King was released, the doors of this fortress would open as well, but that looks less and less likely each day. If these grand old gates do open, it will perhaps be opened in a patch of it's own, much like Zul'Gurub was. So until this date I will hold onto my vow to discover the secrets inside, and I add a new vow. I will not let this mysterious fortress slip from my memory again, since those mysteries are what fueled my love for this game to begin with.

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